Climate Change

This section was created in May 2017. Why? 

At Kanaka Bar, we have been observing changes around us like temperature ups and downs, precipitation irregularities, increased droughts, weird wind, higher wildfire threats, and loss of wild salmon. What is happening?  The answer, we intuitively know, is 'climate change'.  We do not know whether it is man-made or natural, but what we do know is what is happening is increasing in frequency, duration, and intensity.  The worst thing is, our weather is no longer predictable.

Kanaka Bar is now tracking monitoring watershed observations and sharing them and we are also sharing what we are doing to prepare for ever-increasing climate change impacts on our community and our adaption efforts. The sub-menus to the right will be updated as information becomes available.

We know that climate change is real and that we all live in the age of consequence. We want our people to be prepared for the environment and economy of tomorrow and to do that, we are actively investing and working on the following self-sufficiency goals:

 Kanaka Climate Change Strategy